The Milky Way plates are resolutely contemporary, the balance in the contrast between the smooth and matte surfaces magnifies the light sandstone and the enamel used. The iridescent effects present on the pieces are hardly noticeable on the visuals. The use of the dishwasher, traditional oven and microwave is possible for daily use of the pieces. This range was imagined, designed and cooked in my Toulouse workshop. The measurements, weights and volumes are given as an indication because they are all unique pieces.

Plates high edge 3 sizes

  • Dessert plate

    Height: 2,5cm

    Diameter: 16cm

    Weight: 300gr


    Height: 2,5cm

    Diameter: 20.5cm

    Weight: 430gr

    Large Plate

    Height: 2,5cm

    Diameter: 26cm

    Weight: 740gr