My work is based on primitive techniques that engage the visual and tactile instincts. I value the color and texture of the clay, sandstone or porcelain, each having intrinsic qualities close to the purity and formal sobriety that I am looking for. I preserve the essential beauty which is left bare in many of my pieces. In fact, I use the coiling method : easy to assemble, it allows me to produce successful pieces, full of curves and sinuosities, otherwise unfeasible. This roundness, the smoothness of the wall, the asymmetry of the refined forms, clearly aim at the function: the good content, the lightness, the grip by the hand, the grip of the handle, the flow of a beak. Beyond the visual, it is the ease of use that will reveal all the beauty of the pieces. Slip or enamel partially cover them : two materials, two touches, two visual renderings that unite without contradicting each other, enriching the smallest of objects. A long research on porcelain and light sources also results in simple, aesthetic and functional lighting.

Anne Krieg

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21, rue Bonnat


06 01 97 39 12

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