As a child, I had the experience of the soil in my parents' garden. Somewhere in Alsace, I scraped the soil, I stirred it and cleaned it of its weeds, I made furrows in which I sowed seeds, then I watered it under the wise advice of my father, amazed to be able to reap the fruits of our labor later. Subsequently, I almost always lived surrounded by gardens. Already there, I found the pleasure of seeing my environment gradually transforming, of seeing plants grow and of measuring the generosity of the land which gives back to the gardener what he has given him.


This experience was reproduced in an identical way afterwards with the working of the clay in the workshop. I accompanied my teenage daughter Elsa to a pottery class and very quickly I had a lot of fun. First, it is the discovery of the material. What can I do with it ? How to use it ? Where is it going to take me? Intoxicating moments at the start of my journey. And then, after letting myself be led and carried away by the ceramic material, I had to accept that I was given objectives, and see how to implement the basic learning to achieve these objectives without deviating from them.


Many animators and ceramists have passed on some of their knowledge to me, which is why I don't like to present myself as a self-taught person. I owe my knowledge and my skills to all those who passed them on to me in workshops, during internships and during my associative life in the ceramics world. And I am infinitely grateful to them for these moments of sharing, discovery and joy.


Nadia and Alain Panziera, Cécilia Olabarieta, Bernadette Le Scouezec taught me basic shaping techniques, applications and fabrication of engobes, oxides and enamels.

Denis Grazon of the Atelier l'Age de Faire , the manufacture and application of oxide juices and HT° enamels on stoneware, his own assembly techniques for pieces.

Jean Fontaine and Jean-Michel Blanc , the manufacture of molds with plaster parts.

Coralie Seigneur taught his technique of shaping pieces and how to research HT° enamels.

Geneviève Fuentes, smoking techniques, making "couassou" ovens, making pieces by string, and many other little tips.

Stéphanie Martin taught me porcelain paper techniques.

Lately, the precious meeting of Christian Couty, founder of the Esprit Porcelaine in Limoges introduced me to the world of creation aimed at excellence with the means of industrial production of porcelain from La Fabrique de Limoges.


Thanks to them, to Laure Mavel, and especially thanks to Patrice Couget, and Yves Bardout, who pushed and encouraged me with patience and tenacity in this direction, I became a potter / ceramist.

A big, big thank you to Elsa Bardout who created this site, took the many photos and who helps me with ardor and enthusiasm.

I appreciate to their true value ​​the art photographs of Jean-Pierre Montagné and Corinne Panziera Turlais shown here. Thank you for their valuable contributions.